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Q Interactive's acquisition of Vente moves company closer to realizing goal of building largest and highest quality lead generation company in the world

ST. THOMAS, U.S. Virgin Islands - October 7, 2009 - Intrepid Investments, LLC, a merchant bank focused on investing in technology and companies that use the internet as an integral part of their revenue generation strategy, today announced a new addition to its family of companies. Vente, a permission-based marketing firm specializing in consumer surveys and a leading provider of high quality leads for branded and niche advertisers was acquired by Q Interactive, which is owned by Intrepid Investments, LLC.

"The acquisition of Vente, following up on the acquisition of Postmaster Direct several months ago, positions Q Interactive as one of the largest and highest quality lead generation companies in the world," stated Niuniu Ji, chairman of Intrepid Investments. Ji went on to comment, "Vente will operate as a subsidiary of Q Interactive and is an ideal fit for Q's industry-leading behavioral targeting technology."

Matt Wise, president of Q Interactive, stated, "Going forward, advertisers want not only high quality leads but also to know as much as they can about the consumer and the consumer's needs. Our technology, analytics and broad market reach uniquely positions us to deliver this information to our advertising partners. Vente's rich data set combined with our advanced analytics will form a unique resource for advertisers that is simply not available from anyone else."

About Intrepid Investments Intrepid Investments, LLC, is a leading global merchant bank focused on providing capital and business management for companies that have the Internet as a key component of their business strategy. Intrepid adds value to its portfolio of companies by providing the capital required for growth and by actively participating in the development of business plans and strategy. In addition to providing capital and planning, Intrepid encourages mutually beneficial arm's-length relationships among its companies where appropriate. These synergistic relationships can enable new products and initiatives to be introduced into the market rapidly and cost effectively.

About Q Interactive Q Interactive is a performance-driven advertising network specializing in predictive behavioral targeting, the most advanced targeting online today. This cutting edge targeting cost-effectively acquires customers for advertisers and agencies, and maximizes advertising revenue for publishers. Q Interactive's predictive behavioral targeting increases ROI by using a combination of online and offline data: self-reported geo-demographic, contextual, behavioral, and transaction-based - no other provider has this breadth of data. This unparalleled consumer insight means better targeting capabilities and less advertising waste.

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